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Plant based vegan candles.

Hand made from the heart to ensure each piece is carefully crafted to my intended design....

- Fragrance - 
COOKIE:Sugary Lemon Biscotti

Large Glass-  Burn Time 48h+  ■Total Approx 700g
Medium Glass- Burn Time 35h+  ■Total Approx 450g
Small Travel TinBurn Time 15h+  ■Total Approx 130g 

You wanna customise sticker?

■ Our candles are 100% handmade, so each of them might be different in appearance and colour or design.
■ The Decorating of items or flowers may vary from the picture but will still look beautifully arranged.
■ Fragrance oilNONTOXIC and do not contain palm oil. Manufactured in Australia.
■ WickCotton Wick.

Burning Instructions & Warning




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